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Custom Cake by The Little Sweet Shoppe


The Little Sweet Shoppe is a cottage (home based) bakery in Monroe, LA.

Baking, feeding people and celebrating with folks is my love language!

Every event needs a beautiful and sweet centerpiece!  Let us help you make life sweet!


About Amy:


My Nana gave me my first cookbook in 1986.  It was illustrated, had jokes and had measuring spoons that were color coded and each page was an adventure.  I learned how to make brownies, cookies and so many other things from the pages of that precious book.  This cookbook is on my counter today.  

My Mom made cakes as a side job when I was young and piped royal icing flowers and they were so beautiful.  She also made challah and other breads that are part of my favorite memories. There is nothing better than the smell of baking.

When I was in my early 20s I became the person who brought the dessert to pot lucks.  I have made a birthday cake or cookies for all of my nieces, nephews and close friend's children.  Those cakes are always so fun!  And the payoff of a smile and a big squeeze is the best!  I brought cakes to the office for years, and people began to ask me to make cakes for them, and friends of friends.. and that is how The Little Sweet Shoppe came to be. 

We love to help sweeten celebrations!

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